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Xeon Phi 2-Phase Immersion Cooling Concept

 64 Intel Xeon Phi in 3U enclosure - Xeon Phi CPU generates heat and creates vapor (immersion cooling cycle)

 Vapor rises and condenses on coil - 64 Intel Xeon Phi in 3U enclosure - Xeon Phi CPU generates heat and creates vapor (immersion cooling cycle)


Two-Phase Passive Immersion Cooling Concept for Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor

64 Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessors - 64 Teraflops in a 3U Enclosure > 25kW


Intel® HPC Mainboards with InfiniBand™

Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor

Redundant PSUs (95% 80Plus Platinum)


Install 4-6 vertically in a standard 19" server rack.


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More Efficient than Air, Water or Oil

Allied Control designs passive 2-phase immersion cooling systems. What you see on the left is off-the-shelf HPC hardware, carefully arranged using 3D modeling. Let this be an inspiration of the density and energy savings possible by removing a couple of fans and heatsinks.

We build real hardware too. Have a look at our Immersion-1 cluster shown at the 3M booth at the Supercomputer Conference last year. Or or brand new Immersion-2 Rack Platform, presented at SC13 in Denver. Immersion-2 was just implemented as 500kW immersion cooling facility in Hong Kong.

Technically and physically, passive 2-phase immersion cooling is way ahead of air, water or oil cooling. With its elegant design (no fans, bulky heatsinks or other attachments), it costs less to build and less to run.

Edit: This concept also works with GPUs such as NVIDIA Kepler, AMD Radeon Sky, and everything else. It's a truly universal system.

High Density

The hardware that maxes out 2-phase immersion cooling has yet to be built. To give you an idea, one could fill a rack size tank with a theoretical 2-3 Megawatt of electronics. While truly not possible today, tests have shown that 4kW can be cooled with 200cc of fluid in a volume of just 1 liter.

Ourselves, we are building systems that can cool thousands of Watt of real-world electronics in just a few liters already today.

Eliminates Duplicate Hardware

Immersion cooling systems get rid of duplicate hardware and transfer heat at the source. Eliminate dozens of heatsinks, fans, power connectors, cables, thermal grease, throttling and temperature sensors.

Engineers save time and resources, end-users save money and maintenance overhead.

Future Proof

With air-cooled or water-cooled systems, the heat transfer hardware needs to be redesigned with every new generation of processors. Redesigning new heatsinks, fans, cold plates, heat pipes, cables and enclosures is a major waste of resources.

Immersion cooled systems are designed only once and will work with all your future hardware too. Out with the old, in with the new. Think about this.

Universal & Non-Proprietary

In contrast to cold-plates, sealed blades, or custom water, oil and refrigerant piping, immersion cooled systems are truly universal & non-proprietary. Just as with standard racks or server enclosures, what goes in or connects to them is completely up to the end-user. Don't get locked in.

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