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  • Why hasn't anyone done this before?

    Passive 2-phase immersion cooling is not new, but the simplified way how we use this technology for cost saving is new. So why hasn't anyone done this before?

    In short, the computer and chip technology has matured in the past few decades. What we couldn't do just 20 years ago is now possible due to modern chip packages that incorporate heat spreaders with high performance interfaces are routine. Other factors are the increased demand for high density (ie. GPU computing) that drive our developments, and a few very simple things such as the availability of SSD for storage or new types of hard drives (Helium).

    Here is an article with more technical details you might find interesting (starting with IBM's research into this area in the 1970s):

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Hong Kong is one of the fastest-paced cities in the world. It has remained the world's freest economy since 1995, with low tax, no import and export restrictions, free trade and travel. Being located in the financial powerhouse and tech hub of Asia, we are well equipped to work on global projects. No matter how big, or small.

Hot & Humid

Most would consider Hong Kong's cramped living conditions, sky high property prices, and hazy skies as very challenging. When it comes to data centers, hot and humid climates are one of the biggest problems too. Hong Kong's power hungry infrastructure is a major disaster for the people's wallet and the environment. On the bright side, it's habitats like this that push companies to go the extra mile and make a change.